Rabu, 27 April 2016

EASE - Troye Sivan

Hi there!
Today, I'm gonna make a new entry about a song, and we will know later what is the meaning of that song together. Let's check it out!

This song is called EASE. It really relaxing for me and it describe a little bit of the things that happen in real life. I bet that all of you already have/ will have this feelings that this song had. It is a little bit warm yet a little bit sad. It's written by Troye Sivan, Caleb Nott, and Georgia Nott. It's one of the songs at Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan-the singer. It presented by Troye Sivan featuring Broods. Let's see the lyrics:

Senin, 15 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

            Education is a media for us to learn and be a better person. The way people learn may affect the result of it. There might be a lot of differences for the way people learn, it depends on what kind of person and also at how people reapply the education they got. Some might be can learn with a lot of things happens around and the others must have a quite place to get into that learn process. Some might be love to learn with a lot of friends around yet the others love to be alone. There are a lot of different people around us with a lot of things happens on their own mind so there will be a lot of type for the way people learn. To get the best education, we have to know which one is the best way to learn for our self.
            After we know “the best way to learn for our self”, we must apply it to our daily basic so that we can get the best education around us. We can get the best education from school, from our parents, from the way friends treat us or the way stranger do their things. We also can learn how people out there learn about the things happens around them. For example, the way people in Singapore keep their country clean by having a bunch of rules for their citizens, the way people in Indonesia keep being humble to others, the way people in Japan making a lot of technology so that it can be sale to others country, and many more.
            When we got the best education we will learn how we do the things around us, not only about how we do math, physics, and others but it’s also about how we can react to people around, how to tell the truth, how to adapt to the things around us, how to handle things, how to get a motivation for our self and also about how we can be a better person. And when we can be a better person we will be a great invest to the people around us so that we can made a better future for all.  
            The more we learn the more we can get education to our self.  The more people learn, the more people will be better for their self and if all of the people know about the best way for them to learn there will be a lot of people get the best education for their self and automatically there will be a better future for us. 

Rabu, 16 Desember 2015

My School Life : CAMPRT!

For this post, it will be about one of my activity in school. It was one of the scout's activity. I will tell you about my camping experience yesterday. I was camping at Kiara Payung Camp. I went there on December 15th,2015. We went there by a military truck. I joined the first team, that comprising anel as the leader, Asri, Arin, Yasmin, Fania, Alya, Diah and also Dena. It was really fun to be in one team with all of those girls. We built our tent for an hour. And than we go to the field. We were in a welcome ceremony. After that the ceremony were interrupted because it was raining and than we went back to our tent. After the rain stopped, we cooked some food such as rice, nugget and many more. After we ate some foods, we went to the scouts competition and fortunately our team WON! YEAYYY! When the night came, we were told to gather around with all of our classmate and make one of the best performance in such a short time. We were performing a flashmob about three minutes. It was really fun and kind of made me a little bit nervous. The next day my team was joining a hiking. The committe put us in the first sequence. We were hiking about 1 km long it was really tiring yet we were unsatisfied because the hiking was not attractive and the path was not really good. After hiking, we went to the field and went home!! YAY! FINALLY!!

It was such a great experience yet such a tiring activity but it was fun though!

Sabtu, 28 November 2015

My New Friend


Okay on this post I want to tell you about my new friend that I've just met this Monday on one of our additional class.  So, it started with the first meeting on our additional class, our teacher told us to getting know each other in this class. She told us to paired up with someone that you hadn't known before. So I became a pair with Keisha.

Keisha is a nice girl, she has a curly hair that makes her look so cute. Her full name is Keisha Adifa Siregar. She was born at 21st of  July. So, now she is 15 years old girl.  She lived in Makmur street number 17. She's in X Science 5 that actually beside my classroom, so it's really easy to meet her. Her favorite subject is Biology because she told me that she wants to be a doctor. She didn't like Bahasa and History because its so boring and there are so many homework to do. She likes Bakso and Lemon Tea.

It was such a great time that I met such a nice girl like Keisha. Hope I can see you again and we will be a great friends. Because our dreams are the same, so I hope both of us can make it. See you again Keisha! Glad to see you!

Okay, so I supposed to post this a long time ago and I didn't know that this post is not being posted so I'm really sorry about that. To make it better I post this as soon as I knew it. I really am sorry.
See you soon:)



It's been a long week, I've got so much work to do so I can't post this for you guys. I'm sorry.
Okay, so I've made one game that called Cross Word Puzzle. In this game you must fill the puzzle according to the clue that  I  gave to you. I hope you enjoy the game :)


 Here it is, the clue:

Oh yeah, i forget to tell you that I made this puzzle with one of my friend named Salsabillah Aurel. 

Senin, 12 Oktober 2015


Today, We're gonna post about Tempe. Why? Because we've got some task to do in our biology class. Our project of this task is to find out how much impact of a ferment as a tempeh starter in the making of Tempe. By the way, I'm doing this project with my friends Rafif, Kemal, Ramzy and Salsabillah Aurel.

Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015


 Hi pals!
This is about one of any other event that held by our school. The event called “GAMARVANI”, it mostly like an Art Festival or sometimes we called it “Pensi” but it was not only about art. The festival also brought you a side of culture that we had in our city which is Sudanese and another side of a literature that you can enjoy on their Line Official Account that have been gave us a lot of information about the story that they would bring to the stage since D-18. The story is about “Nyi Anteh, Penunggu Bulan”.
As you can see on the poster, this event was held on 19th of September 2015 at Bali Field (Lapangan Bali). Gamarvani had a lot of amazing guest star, such as HIVI!, Adera, arumbaAcoustic, parahyena, and many more. There were a lot of food trucks and food stands that made us craving for it every time. And don’t forget that they got community stand too, it was about our culture. One of the community stand was totally amazing, they made a live art that super incredible, in such a short time they can made a piece of fabulous art. The ticket was sold by Rp 40.000 for the pre-event tickets and Rp 50.000 for the on the spot tickets. For me, it was not such a waste for spending my money to such amazing festival.
Okay so let’s start from the beginning of the event. Before the event start, there was a parade about the event that was held in the morning that participated by our school’s student and others too, even the student all over the city. This parade contained a lot of fun things and it was also have a nice purpose like GPS(Gerakan Pungut Sampah) to clean all over the road. The parade was end by an Opening Ceremony for Gamarvani.
The Event was officially opened by our principal, Mr. Encang by cutting the rope. And after the Opening Ceremony was held, the event was finally begin! And because it was at 9 in the morning so we didn’t see a lot of crowd at first.
It opened by a performance from LSS3 and then after that there was a great performance from manggala awi, pencak silat, Tari Klasik and aroumbaAcoustic who took over the stage by cultural theme. Because it was kind of hot and the time was nearly 12.00 so there was a short break time for Dzuhur. And after that short break time, the stage start to taken by another amazing performance from BAND3, RMHR, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, ParaHyena, Rumah Musik Director and also from our beautiful girl s that has a very nice sound, Kelompok Vokal 3 (Vocal Group). The crowd was starting to get more and more and more and more. And there was a lot of my friends that come from another school so I can get along with them and had some great meet up moment. Oh yeah, there was a traditional game too, the crowd can play and get some prices. It was really fun.
There was another short break time. And after that, the more interesting performances was lined up. First there was Sasadana, and then Musik Klasik 3 and also Tiloe’s Theater that gave a huge impact for the success of this event. The Tiloe’s Theater brought us a very great performance by telling a story that we had been following up by read the story each chapter on this event Line Official Account.  Oh and there was a funny performance too, from Wayang Golek Giri Harja.

The sun was starting to disappear, and the night was ready to take over, and also the greatest performance for this event was lined up very nicely. It was the time to have fun! And I really did ;)
First there was Adera who has a nice voice that gave us a very magnificent show with some great lightning and everything that made us very energetic. After that, The Extracurricular Collaboration gave us a performance that was so cool and unique.
And then, The Most Waited Guest Star, HIVI! was on stage. THEY REALLY ARE GREAT! They were very friendly, fun, good looking and I loved them so much so my friend and I had a really great time. We jumped along, we were sing along, and everything that we did is kind of out of control because we’ve got a super really great time. And the crowd was having a great time too. The special effect of the stage was REALLY COOL!!! It was such an amazing final performance. I will never forget that night. And I hope that next year would be greater than this.That day was really amazing and tired day. It was super fun though. I don't like it, I love it! 
Okay, it was great right? Make sure that you would come next year okay? See you on the next post :)